Sometimes wildlife photography means suffering deprivation but mostly it’s just enjoying nice weather in magnificent scenery.
To capture my visual perceptions I use Nikon cameras and Nikon lenses.
Below you’ll find a run-down of the gear I use. All together a lot of weight; a ramble often feels more like a commando training in the end!


  • Nikon D4s
  • Nikon D800 + MB-D12
  • Nikon D500
  • Nikon W300
  • Nikon Z6 + FTZ


  • Nikon Nikkor AF-I 400mm / f:2.8 D
  • Nikon Nikkor AF Micro 105mm / f:2.8 D
  • Nikon Nikkor AF Micro 60mm / f:2.8 D
  • Nikon Nikkor AF 10.5mm / f:2,8 DX
  • Nikon Nikkor AF-S 12-24 / f:4.0 G DX
  • Nikon Nikkor AF 24-70mm / f:2.8 N
  • Nikon Nikkor AF 20-35mm / f:2.8 D
  • Nikon Nikkor AF-S VR 80-400 / f:4.5-5.6G ED N


  • Nikon TC-14E (1.4x)
    Nikon TC-20E (2x)


  • Gitzo 1505 MK2 tripod with
  • Manfrotto 393 tripod head
  • LowePro ProTrekker AW backpack
  • Gitzo 2220 tripod with
  • Gitzo 1177M tripod head
  • Nikon SB-900 flash
  • Nikon SB-800 flash
  • Nikon MC-30 cable release
  • Soligor AF extension tube (12mm and 20mm)


  • Nikon D500 in Ikelite 200FL housing
  • 60mm macro lens in Ikelite 5502.41 flat port
  • 12-24mm lens in Ikelite 5510.81 8 inch dome port
  • 10.5mm lens in Ikelite 5510.45 8 inch dome port with 5510.11 extension
  • 2 Inon flashes Z-220F and Z-220S